Our Past Days // Rooftops

by Our Past Days // Rooftops

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released June 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Our Past Days // Rooftops Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Our Past Days - Demise
You look me for granted and left me stranded on your quest to see the world through different eyes
I hope the head spin throws you off, so you won't realise what you lost
When you sober up
Il have fucked off
I hope that temporary high helps you sleep at night
When I'm cold and lonely
I don't think of you
Cause in the end we're a dream the catcher let through

Most days I won't get out of bed
I'm sick of filling the holes you left inside my head
You're not the one who got away you're not even close
You're just the one who got inside my head the fucking most

Cut the ties and forget everything that I said in your room that night, it doesn't matter
( it never mattered )

When you sober up
Il have fucked off
I hope that temporary high
Helps you sleep at night
Track Name: Our Past Days - Hide
You said they're all just words
My actions never loud enough
To hear above all the overthinking
Now you're just a missed opportunity
Drowning in your transparent intentions

So I took my time
Tried my best at wishful thinking
In this pitch black cold damp basement
Now I'm curled up in a ball on the floor
Doing my best to find my way out of here

Ill find my feet in this fucking town
The years spent here feel wasted now
And all along you were somewhere else
And I'm stuck here all by myself

Hide underwater as long as you want
some day you've got to breathe
(All along you were somewhere else)
Track Name: Rooftops - Broken
Ripping pages from the world outside unseen
Silent whispers as I try to fall asleep
Deafening voices in my head tell me that I'll be fine

Bend the truth until you break me

A long way since 2013
Where I used to spend all my nights on my own
I'm still trying to retrace my steps and
Find where my feet left the path you paved

I'm still trying

Bend the truth until you break me

You said that all you ever wanted
Was for this family to stay together
But now its more than crystal clear
That what you want is for me to disappear
Track Name: Rooftops - Precious Little Life
Days so distant it seems
Without knowing who we'd one day be
We let the days and years flow over
But killing time benefits neither of us

I'm trying to forget you
But I can't help but feel responsible
I should've read the warning signs
But I've been preoccupied with my life

What if I told you that I beat the game
That we never could as kids
And if I told you that I missed you
Would you come back home to me

Don't look up to me
I'm nothing
The saddest part of all of this
Is that I'm nothing

I'll take this failure to the grave
Track Name: Rooftops - I can't stand my own mind.
I'm so depressed and sick of listening to Pity Sex
If i wasn't born like this then why should I have to live like this?
But I'm waiting for someone to call me out on my bullshit
I'm fucking useless

And I see where I went wrong I left my friends without the thought
That somehow I could make amends for
All my fucking mistakes, that time by the lake
Is this a good time to call, I'm sorry please forgive me

Need help to see through
Incapable of independent thought without you
Numbness or something less takes a hold of me and makes me drown out everything
Please don't come and find me

I want to walk into the lake
Without the birds the skyline doesn't look the same
I want walk into the lake
Fade into another life. The cars, the lights that goddamn coffee place